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Reports from Siberia will be here from the 1st April 2016


Now have the benefit of street level GPS maps. Apart from the Racing some of us hope circumb navigate  Ogoy Island and walk up to the Buddist Stupa (one of only two in Russia). if the ice is good enough a challenge for this year. (take some money to place in the box, walk three times round with pure thoughts)


Pictures of Herbert and K11's road trip to the Mongolian border on 2013 DN pictures

lastest 17th K11 is finally home


16th April

tues morn adventerous plumbing works, found this hotel only by pushing the walled garden door open, could not see any sign of swyle or hotel, this is Buriat country we found a bar that immediatly closed, good job we had eaten before, no russsian spoken, bar person was from Mongolia, we caught a lift from a local to another bar/ cafe. Monday night in a small remote place like this is not good but locals did come and go, not a single european looking face, then you go out side in the windless crystal clean air and gaze up at the sayan mountains that tower above you (10,000 ft)   what happens today will be another adventure, plan is to drink the holy mineral waters bathe in hot springs and go and see another ice boaters dream, look over the monglian border within sight of the sister lake to Baikal ,   Lake Hovsgol Nuur first we have to find breky.......


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Here Is the link to the latest Pictures from Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia.


The British Team (Gareth K11 & Chris Williams K1) have been competing in the DN Ice Sailing Championships, the Russian Cup and Asia Cup2-8th April.
We hope to keep blog site up to date, general information will be on the public pages but to keep up with the "chat" you have to log onto my blog page,  facebook is not always accessible in russia.
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