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an nice video




by Commodore James "T" Thieler DN US 5224

Rumors afoot that Race 5 has been chucked.... Bummer.... Stay tuned....

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Euro Champ Day 4

by Commodore James "T" Thieler DN US 5224

High pressure today- The meteorological kind that is- Warm, no breeze whatsoever so I had a nice nap in my boat and some socializing until the committee pulled the plug at 1130. Good call, it only got warmer and the breeze never piped up-

Saw this cool boat in the parking lot- love the stem timber made from half a piling. Also a few guys ogling my sweet CSI sled, and that telltale sign of spring, a drain dumping melted snow into the lake.... Not a good omen!

Tomorrow is the last day- Hope we get some races in-

Also hope everyone is getting some sailing in back that way- spring is on the way so get it all in while you can!

Keep fingers crossed for a long spring season....

Stay tuned!! T



European Champs Day 3

by Commodore James "T" Thieler DN US 5224

Hey Folks- good news here as another site was found with no hazards... Bad news is Joerg got the van stuck in the mud again and once again we got towed out with a tractor- A big beast of a tractor! See pics....

Sailing-wise the gold fleet got one race in- Medium breeze and soft ice- Power sail and max thickness inserts seemed to be the runner of choice; they stayed on top of it better than thin ones- Angles were too slick and min tees dug in.... Interesting.....

The race was energetic- Lots of sheeting in and out as the boat entered and exited the sticky patches- Pinching wasn't an option-

After pooching the start I was able to wiggle free and weasel my way into fourth- very happy with that.

Some protests this afternoon having to do with whether or not a few boats sailed inside the Darling marks.... Hope it's all resolved without drama....

Nice party at dinner tonight hosted by the Dutch team- there was a rules quiz and a raffle. Of course two of the prizes were tulip bulbs and fake fuzzy wooden clogs- Gotta love the Dutch- Thanks guys!!

Going to bed now- Gold up first tomorrow!

Check interweb for results etc- Cheers! T



March 4, 2015 0 commentsOnly one race today. I was lucky with the starting position. On the left side of the ice was harder. Richard started at the tip and rounded first. He was the best Swedish with a 7. On the first run, I chose to jibe before the other front to get free wind. Fortunately it came good pressure and I reached the mark. Last run I was hit by a rookie mistake. The sail was överskotat while the wind fell sharply. I promised, but must have missed releasing enough. The ice slowed me down to zero. There, I lost everything that was good today. It ended with the 30th

19.30 3rd march

All ice boaters,
New site for the European Championship!
58°22'06.5"N 25°57'58.8"E
skippers meeting 11:00
Be there!

March 3rd   no sailing today
other options being checked
cracks opening up where we are
this area will be checked tomorrow
if it is bad here
there may be other options tomorrow
see you all at 6:30 tonight for the party


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LINK to the Dutch ice sailing Euro news

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Blog of S807  if you can read swedish or goggle translate?

A rough translation below of S807's blog


March 3, 2015 0 commentsThe ice rot throughout. Where we went out to the tarmac yesterday went two down in the new holes. I knocked over or next to these places yesterday. Now, they said we will meet at the port tomorrow morning.-Many banks. Everyone I talked to do not want to sail on this ice, but if they kick off the competition will probably many to give out. I think it's crazy to not cancel or move.-That they are deceiving ourselves down on the ice tomorrow can only be because they want to keep us at the party tonight. They have prepared the quiz, raffle, etc. that they do not want to get ruined because people go home.

March 3   Frederick and I ate dinner at the other hotel people live on. It was very nice to meet some new people. The toilets were cool sex symbols. See the pictures.-Now we are sitting in the car lazy and laid back. We do not know yet what will happen with ice.


March 2, 2015 1 comments
The ice was almost. Two bathed which one got to swim. It was a straight bit over the layline they drove down in. They did well.
I managed to get loose in the first race. As I approached the mark, it became clear that I was first. Then a red dot in the path. I knew it was a red dot, but in this class you can be disqualified for a little of each. I thought that rather than fifth, I will be disqualified for going on the wrong side of a dolly mark must be taken to port. Therefore halvvindade I'm down to the mark to be sure. The runner passed it on the wrong side plus one saw the real dolly mark a bit up. As I promised again and rounded first anyway. From there, I pulled away from the others significantly. Second and third lap was nice and quiet and I crossed the line first.
In the second qualifying race I rounded fifth, one in front skidded on the run and I came fourth in goals.
Now I was in A fleet! Phew. Now nothing can go wrong .... You get stickers and marking tape to mark the equipment with so that you can not change more than allowed. My low into the box inside the harbor. Full Reel mined over ice. Download, dropping a sail marker there without knowing it back and forth. It was quiet. Later, a pole and left there I lost to me.
First A race started with becoming ifrånåkt of everyone around. Involuntary wind an entire leg was not so attractive so I hit. Port boats swerved not or panic struck the front of me. The whole leg was worse than to sail in the wind disturbed. The ice has been quite fierce became slushy surface and it should be tuned continuously throughout the day for it. Before the last I made on the trim completely, it felt really fast. I hope it was a little better than around 30 as in the past.
It was a fun day with many impressions. The most fun was to win the first qualifying session with so much. Most boring was not to find the speed of the A's fleet. It felt like it went fast, but still were 30 people there every time.
I would really love to sail more. Hope the ice holds for the night and tomorrow's rain.


March 2, 2015 1 commentsToday, I and a few Svenner to qualify from the C-Fleet. I stand in place 54 which is furthest to the left. From there you can fall off how much you want and build momentum directly. A large split the rest left the gang makes it possible to beat after a few minutes. If the track is fair, it will probably be fine.-It will blow properly. I hope they can get a long path so that it does not become too tight in the first rounding. Path area is limited due to dangerous ice. We do not really trust the Race Committee that they have an eye on the holes so we'll Reka ice a bit themselves.-Nervous? -A Bit.-After qualifying will be a qualifier. The top ten in each qualifier will advance to a higher fleet. I really want to qualify to A. If I miss it, I will allow myself to acidic max 20 min. Thereafter, the B-fleet won!

March 1, 2015 «BackToday we practiced.-It's overcast and a few plus. The ice in the harbor is 20cm thick. The wind has been between 3 and 4.5 m / s throughout the day.-In the morning I got no good roll. After a few hours I finished fine-tune and set up the mast on the softest trim. Then it felt like it should and I hung out with the other better.-Someone had crashed up at the windward mark and a guy stood and waved us away. I sailed a few laps and then went in custody. There I was told that there was a hole he had found / created there. In addition, a driving down there in the left corner. All sailed into the harbor.-We probably will not sail in Estonia. Tonight we find out about the scariest, or anyone else can fix safe ice for us elsewhere.

March 1, 2015 0 commentsWe live in a big hotel in Tartu. It is a fairly large city. We have an Irish pub in the hotel which is cozy with cheap food and beer. On the men's room will be reminded that they have not come as far as us in the social / humanistic issues. On the wall, they have a picture with snippor.-Today is the notification mm from 10 am First we have breakfast.-Sailing in the afternoon.


so we know where the 2015  Europeans are going to be.....Tartu/Estonia.The sailing area will be on Lake Võrtsjärv, appr. 45 mins to drive from Tartu.
That got me thinking... From Tallin there is a regular train to Tartu.  Could I get to Tallin as Ryan air has cheap flights from Stansted to Tallin, on a quick check found only a few seats left on the early Monday flight.  a three hour drive and overnight in a Stansted hotel gets you free car parking,  the flight back was worse only 2 seats left on Sunday. To add some flexibility I dropped into Moran travel of Louth  who came up with a 6am Monday fight at my local airport , Humberside to Schipol, Amsterdam, from there you have lots of choices, but the prices were high due to the short notice.
So expensive short notice flights with little chance of changing flights or worse missing the flight.  Make you think, go for it??, but those wise to Icesailing will know things change and the Championship can move,  The other thing is that I am still being treated for a nasty cold/ bronchitus that has been hanging on for more than two weeks, I am sure fellow travellers and other icesailors would not want me coughing away, spreading what I seem to have, also the prospect of a relapse outside you home area is something I don't want, so I give up, stay at home and sit infront of my wood fire with cold remedies. 
Good Luck to those sailing this week


Fredrik Lönegren with Richard Larsson and Piet Ploum ........We're at the Romantica en route to Estonia. Where shall we three show the bastards how to sail. I give a damn to write here with regard to your feed. If in the unlikely event that you are interested in isjakter can you check out my blog; those who are not interested in usually ask irl how it passed. I promise to announce this after to avoid having all the pounding.